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Seller Representation


Seller Representation is very helpful when a Listing Agent from Security American Realty works for you.  Seller Representation can be achieved by signing a listing agreement with a Realtor from  Security American Realty. Before entering into an agreement for Seller Representation it’s essential that you find the best Listing Agent to do the job.  Security American Realty provides Seller Representation all over Texas with the best team of Listing agents and buyers agents.  To get the best Seller representation it’s critical to have a trustworthy Listing Agent who has your best interest at heart.  Many home owners aren’t sure where to start their search for a Listing Agent who will provide the best Seller representation.  If you are still reading then search no further.  Continue learning why the Listing Agents at Security American Realty provide the best Seller Representation.

Many home owners ask how they should go about choosing the best Listing Agent for Seller Representation.  Some home owners choose Realtor Seller Representation by going with the listing agent who values their home for the most.  This might sound good up front.  However, over pricing a home could cause you to miss selling your home in a competitive market.  A home that is listed above market price often gets overlooked because it’s out of a potential buyer’s price range.  Realtors can’t tell you how much your home will sell for.  That would be misleading Seller Representation.  A listing agent can show you comparable sales, pending sales and active sales.  A Realtor Listing Agent at Security American Realty will provide a detailed Market analysis of your property.

To get proper Seller representation it’s essential to have an accurate Comparative Market Analysis.  A Comparative Market analysis done by a Realtor at Security American Realty will show you data that helps determine a proper listing price.  Determining the proper listing price entails several factors.  A Listing Agreement for Seller Representation by a Security American Realty Realtor will take into account the max time you’d like to test the market.  Looking at neighborhood trends, the overall macro economic environment and our sellers needs is part of the Security American Realty Seller Representation process.  When selling a home one must consider the optimal time on market for their home and the longest period.  One might say I want to sell my home tomorrow.  In that case money could be left on the table.  One might say, I don’t want to sell until we’ve found another home.  A listing agent at Security American Realty will discuss your personal needs.  Pricing is an art.  Our Realtors believe the best time for an offer is within the first 30 days on market. If the home is priced right, you’ll get an offer. If it’s priced too high, you might not get any showings at all.  Home buyers will shun your home, and you’ll eventually end up reducing the price, leaving home buyers wondering what’s wrong with your house.

A listing agreement with a Realtor at Security American Realty will provide you with a wealth of information.  Selling a home is about proper marketing and making the home desirable.  The way a home is staged and a nice yard are very important.  Not to mention, a clean home shows that the house has been taken care of.  Obviously deferred maintenance shows flaws and creates bargaining power for the home buyer.  Some deferred maintenance can be fixed without too much cost.  Also, you can add inexpensive landscaping for a bargain as well.  Security American Realty will provide a discount to anyone who signs a listing agreement and buyers representation agreement for two transactions.

Many of our Military Veteran clients and civilian clients have to relocate.  Realtors at Security American Realty are all highly trained with relocation.  A Loan Officer from Security America Mortgage will make sure you’re pre approved and help you coordinate with your Realtor.  We know relocating isn’t easy so our goal is to make the home buying process as easy and fun as possible!  In Texas it’s a Realtors responsibility to give all clients the Information about Brokerage Services below.


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