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“The Catholic saint has long been believed to help with home-related matters. And according to lore now spreading on the Internet and among desperate home-sellers, burying St. Joseph in the yard of a home for sale promises a prompt bid.

Here is one of many articles that endorse this belief!

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Take advantage of the knowledge, experience and expertise of our highly  trained team of Realtors so that we can ensure a seamless transaction.


Sell or list a home

Are you planning to  Sell or list a home?  In difficult  and prosperous  economic times it is important to have the most knowledgeable and experienced agent to advise you. Security American Realty has state of the art technology and the experience to sell your home fast!

Buying or Selling a Home is not just about Real Estate, it’s about your life! At Security American Realty we take the time to understand your goals, personally and financially. We are here to advise you step by step. So what makes us different?

Seller Representation is very helpful when a Listing Agent from Security American Realty works for you.  Seller Representation can be achieved by signing a listing agreement with a Realtor from  Security American Realty. Before entering into an agreement for Seller Representation it’s essential that you find the best Listing Agent to do the job.  Security American Realty provides Seller Representation all over Texas with the best team of Listing agents and buyers agents.  To get the best Seller representation it’s critical to have a trustworthy Listing Agent who has your best interest at heart.  Many home owners aren’t sure where to start their search for a Listing Agent who will provide the best Seller representation.  If you are still reading then search no further.  Continue learning why the Listing Agents at Security American Realty provide the best Seller Representation.


Experience – Security American Agents are constantly facing new challenges in this difficult market.  Not only do they overcome the obstacles and help close transactions, we pass that knowledge onto our clients, helping YOU avoid the pitfalls of this difficult market.  We will do a comprehensive market analysis that will allow you to capitalize on what may be your biggest investment.

Accountability – Security American Realty is dedicated to be accountable to our clients.  We put our clients first, period.

Technology – “Security American Realty has cutting edge technology that speed and efficiency to help you find, research, and close the home of your dreams”.

A Comparative Market Analysis or CMA is a detailed report about current market conditions for a specific property. The CMA will analyze both the current listings that are competing with the subject property and recent sold homes that are similar to the subject property. While the CMA is not a substitute for an appraisal it is important for buyers and sellers to know what a property could reasonably be bought or sold for.

Security American Realty provides a CMA to all clients who list their property with us at no charge.

Security American Realty provides a CMA to all clients who are purchasing a property with us at no charge.

Staging- we show you how to stage your home for sale.  We advise you on how to improve your home to where it has its best chance to sell.

SAR can help you with every aspect of your real estate needs utilizing the best technology and real estate professionals in the industry.  GET STARTED NOW


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