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Buyer Representation by Security American Realty and its Realtors is unsurpassed.  Buying a home with buyer representation and using a Realtor from Security American Realty can benefit you tremendously. Helping our clients find the home best for them at the best price is our objective. The Realtors at Security American Realty will provide you the true facts and data involving the value of your new home, the market and neighborhood conditions and any physical defects on the property. Working with a buyer’s agent saves you time and money.

Security American Realty prides itself on helping clients in a variety of neighborhoods, price ranges and cultures. We believe every American should own a home and live the American Dream and Buyer Representation can help make this a reality!  We welcome Foreign Investment as well and believe in real estate diversification. Our diverse clientele are for life, and get buyer representation and seller representation on demand. Further, we give great pride in helping our Military Veterans utilize the VA Loan Benefit in order to buy a home. The pride of home ownership raises self esteem and makes the jobs of our Realtors rewarding.

Buyer Representation starts at Security American Realty when you’re ready! Our Realtors will show you homes, negotiate contracts, research value and take you step by step through the home buying process. When you use a Buyer’s Agent at Security American Realty then you are Represented.  You will then be our client. Our Realtors owe you the highest standard of fiduciary responsibility. Realtors at Security American Realty must strive to get the best price and terms on the home you desire. Otherwise, you are only a “Customer”. If you contact a listing agent for assistance you are a “Customer”. The listing agent doesn’t represent buyers and cannot represent both sides of the transaction. Fiduciary responsibility can only be given to either a buyer or Seller in Texas.

Security American Realty’s sister company Security America Mortgage offers a variety of home loans for home buyers needing financing. The VA LoanConventional Loan and FHA loans and Jumbo Loans are a few types of home loans that Security America Mortgage offers. Our veteran buyers agents recommend that you always get Pre-Approved before starting your home search. Unless you are paying cash it’s critical that you have a Pre-Approval Letter so that the seller will take your offer seriously. In a hot sellers market you can lose a deal not being prepared and our buyers agents will prepare you!

d without buyer representation, but we’ll prepare you!

Security America Mortgage spends time training the Realtors of Security American Realty and other real estate companies on the intricacies of the VA Loan Process. The sales contract, seller contribution and other crucial aspects of the sales contract vary on the various loans like the VA Loan, Conventional Loan, and FHA Loan. Did you know that the VA Loan has 100% Financing and certain non allowables? Did you know that the VA Loan requires a Pest inspection? There are many aspects of the real estate transaction that Security American Realty and Security American Mortgage can help you with.

The Buyer’s Agents providing buyer representation at Security American Realty are all experienced with credentials and same with the Loan Officers at Security America Mortgage. Security American Realty offers Buyer Representation services to qualified home buyers all over Texas. If you would like to get Pre-qualified or Pre-Approved click here Below is a required Texas Real Estate Disclosure to help educate our home buyers on buyer representation and seller representation.

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