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Luxury homes in Houston

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Luxury Homes in Houston

For more than a century, Houston has been a jewel of Texas real estate market. By skillfully exploiting its Gulf Coast location, the city experienced rapid growth thanks to its burgeoning industry, and these developments went hand in hand with the development of luxury homes in Houston area. Today, its real estate market is on the rise, with many of its upscale neighborhoods being more sought after than ever before, the more prominent role of gated communities, and the gentrification of old neighborhoods.

It is important to discern the layout of the city – depending on whether you’re interested in homes within the famed Inner Loop of the city, comprising of quaint residential pre-WW2 neighborhoods, contrasted with sharp modern architecture of glass and steel rising alongside it. If you should venture outside the loop, you would find real estate opportunities that are more secluded, although many of the city’s business districts are not located in downtown area. It is safe to say that luxury homes in Houston are not tied to a single urban district, but are instead offering a wide array of both location and lifestyle choices.

River Oaks – the Flavor of Inner Loop

One of the city’s priciest and luxurious communities, River Oaks is located at the heart of Houston’s residential core – well connected with the rest of the city, yet harboring an identity of its own thanks to its restrictions on commercial establishments, sprawling lots nested between old trees and secluded, well-kept gardens that are a marvel of landscaping. It is a neighborhood that simultaneously offers the flavors of Old Houston, while not neglecting the modern amenities of city life: from trendy restaurants and bars, to art galleries and shopping centers, River Oaks is a neighborhood of rich dualities.

The Charming Crestwood Community

Located just five minutes by car from downtown Houston, Crestwood feels as if you’ve entered another world and found yourself in an urban forest – big lots of the neighborhood are among its biggest draws, with traditional stucco houses lining the quiet streets surrounding the famous Hogg Bird Sanctuary Park. In the past two decades, Crestwood underwent significant change, reflecting the high demand for luxury homes in Houston, especially those that carry an added privacy bonus. It is a neighborhood that caters to those seeking an active lifestyle, with plenty of hiking opportunities and an excellent golf course, while its family life image is boosted by the excellent private schools in the vicinity.

The Urban Vistas of Sunset Terrace

Often mentioned as one of the neighborhoods on the rise, Sunset Terrace is located within Houston’s Inner Loop, with easy access to both downtown districts and suburban areas. Its location has been a driving factor when considering its real estate value, and this has been further bolstered by the opportunity to obtain larger lot sizes. The area is famous for its oak trees and well-planned stucco houses with summer kitchens, swimming pools and communal spirit harbored through various neighborhood events. Sunset Terrace is surrounded with shopping malls, market streets, quality wine & dine options and top of the line schools, boasting of academic averages that surpass the national median.

The Harmony of Contrasts

Luxury homes in Houston are at the heart of its various neighborhoods. The city has always been at the forefront of American industry, from the railroad lines to the Space Race, and the optimization of its business has never neglected the needs of its residents for luxury accommodation. As such, it has always been a big draw for those seeking an urban, yet peaceful family life, business professionals that understand that the key to having a peace of mind is to find balance between the rush of urban life and the amenities that a quality home and neighborhood offer.



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