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Garrett Puckett

Founder & CEO at Security American Realty, Inc

Garrett Puckett Florida Broker License #3248271
Garrett Puckett Texas Broker License #504863As a 5th generation Texan SAM CEO, Garrett Puckett grew up in the Real Estate business as the son of a Realtor. His Grandfather Charles Doriocourt I, a World War I Veteran was honored for his service and was one of the founders of one of the first Credit Unions in Houston TX in the 40’s called Houston Postal Credit. Garrett’s Uncle Charles Doriocourt II was honored for his service in World War II, so ethical lending, practicing real estate with integrity and service to our country runs through Garrett’s veins.Learning about real estate at a young age, buying his first home at the age of 22, and becoming a licensed Realtor in his early 20’s gave him a head start in the Real Estate Industry. Garrett started Security American Realty soon thereafter and hired real estate agents to serve the Veteran community and the Civilian community. He also formed Security America Mortgage to help Veterans utilize their VA Entitlement, and we continue to offer Conventional, FHA and VA loans. His experience in the real estate industry and lending industry along with the best team of real estate and lending professionals will ensure that you get the best service and the best deal!

SAM currently serves 12 states (Texas, Florida, NC, California, Colorado, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Washington State and Virginia. Maryland and SC are in process.. SAR serves all of TX, FL, CA and works with the best Veteran friendly agents throughout the USA.

GARRETT’S MILITARY FAMILY TREE…“My maternal grandfather, Charles D. Doriocourt, Sr. served in the US Marine Corp in WWI. He was wounded in action in France and would have received a Purple Heart, but these were not available until later in history. My maternal uncle, Charles D. Doriocourt, Jr. served in the US Army in WWII. He survived the Normandy invasion and the Battle of the Bulge. He too was a decorated war hero. Uncle Charles went back to college after the war on the GI bill. Many years later he rejoined army intelligence. My fraternal grandfather, Harlan N. Puckett was a captain in WWII and a paymaster. A cousin, Frankie Puckett, a very interesting lady, served in WWII and was in army intelligence during the war and post war. She met Sir Winston Churchhill while in London. Two cousins served in the marines, and one is serving now as a navy attorney.”

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